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Click "Schedule & Registration" to view our class schedule and register for programming. We are currently offering cheer, tumbling & ninja classes for ages 1-18 following COVID-19 protocols. We promise to provide a clean and space learning environment for your children at all times, and particularly during the pandemic.


Attending class for the first time? Be sure you have completed our online waiver. A new waiver is required every 365 days.


Attending class today? Be sure you have completed your COVID-19 Questionnaire before arriving to class. A new questionnaire is required each day you attend.



Our mission is to develop successful athletes in the inclusive sport of cheerleading.  Training athletes creates powerful bodies, and empowered minds. We focus on instilling our core values; perseverance, patience, humility, excellence, determination and confidence. Cheer Legacy is committed to character development parallel to athletic training.  Our coaching staff provide safe and progressive training opportunities for our athletes, using the vocabulary of our core values.

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